P.S. Be Brave

"P.S. Be Brave" is a videogame created for the LIFE.LOVE Game Design Challenge. It is a game specially developed to increase awareness about Teen Dating Violence (TDV).

We wanted that players could communicate between each other to share their experiences and to send advices so they can learn what to do and what to say when they find a TDV situation. In the game we include male and female situations, cause this is something that affects everyone.


- INCREASING AWARENESS among abusers, bystanders, and victims.
- Present EXAMPLES of potentially abusive behavior.
- To show that BOTH guys and girls can be the victims of abuse.
- Intuitive GAMEPLAY + Enjoyable PLAYABILITY
- Immersive ART & MUSIC
- INNOVATIVE approach to game play design
- FOSTERING ADVOCACY, increasing engagement by allowing the players to communicate back to other players.
- INCREASING PLAYER EMPOWERMENT, allowing the player to take an active part in examining what is a REAL abusive behaviour.
- INFORMATION about abusive behaviors
- Re-Playability + Goals & Challenges

p.S. Be Brave

"P.S. Be Brave" its currently available online,
and privately available for Android (coming soon, for everyone)


Coming soon

"P.S. Be Brave" created by Damián Hadyi & Darío Gimenez